What is Proof of Dining


Proof of Dining (PoD) is a different take on the typical restaurant review site. Instead of focusing on rating establishments, PoD focuses on the FOOD. This allows PoD to recommend the best individual dishes in a manner that is independent of the any arbitrary establishment rating system.

How would you rate a restaurant that gave you really poor service, but the food was fantastic?


The typical restaurant review site contains reviews which provide little to no proof that the reviewer actually ate at the food being described in the review. PoD addresses this issue by requiring photographic evidence of dining the experience. PoD’s unique system of verification gives our readers and establishment owners a higher level of integrity and accuracy in our reviews that no other restaurant review site currently offers.

How would you rate a restaurant that gave you great service, but the food was mediocre?


When you are hungry and are looking for something to eat, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In today’s society, it would typically be a genre of food like Chinese, Italian, Sushi or Contemporary American cuisine. While PoD handles these types of searches, why limit yourself to searching so broadly? If you know what you want to eat, PoD can tell you where to find it.

For example, if you were interested in a “General Tso’s Chicken,” the PoD system would show you where the top rated General Tso’s Chicken are located in your area.

If you were in the mood for something “Spicy,” the PoD system understands this and would show you a recommended selection of spicy dishes to try.

Wouldn’t it just make sense if a restaurant review site was able to learn the types of food you like?

Do you know where to find any of the following: the Best Pad Thai, the Biggest Crabs, the Spiciest Curry, the Sweetest Desserts, the Strongest Coffee, the Best Italian Restaurant, the Oldest Deli, the Newest Tapas Bar, the freshest Seafood or the Best Cajun Carry Out? These are just some of the things we at PoD want to find out and we need your help. We will have Monthly and Quarterly Contest with Annual Events that will have a variety of exciting challenges and chances to win exclusive prizes.


Have you ever been in a restaurant and wondered: “If I said something, would they listen?” or “That was really great, would I sound silly sending my compliments to the chef?” PoD gives you that opportunity. When a review is approved, it creates the opportunity for the establishment to respond to the Review. This gives both sides of dining experience an opportunity to express, respond and manage their opinions.

See examples and read more in go to the Review Guidelines.