What’s in it for ME!

We all want the same thing; Where to go and what to get. Where not to go, or what you might you get if you do. Who has the best, the biggest, the spiciest, the sweetest, the strongest, the most romantic, the oldest, the newest, the wait staff, parking, with music or to go. We want to hear about your complete dining experience.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and wondered: “If I said something, would they listen?” or “That was really great, would I sound silly sending my compliments to the chef?” Proof of Dining gives you that opportunity. When you write a review, the interactive part of the process begins. The Review automatically creates the opportunity for the Restaurant to respond to the Review. In the past, reviewing was limited to print publications and only recently expanded with online publishing, but responses to reviews have always been (ignored/slighted) or not acknowledged. This gives (all parties/everyone) {involved} an experience offered no where else.

Do you know where to find any of the following: the Best Pad Thai, the Biggest Crabs, the Spiciest Curry, the Sweetest Desserts, the Strongest Coffee, the Most Romantic Italian Restaurant, the Oldest Deli, the Newest Tapas Bar, the Most Attentive Staff, Seafood & Jazz or the Best Cajun Carry Out? These are just some of the things we at Proof Of Dining want to find out and we need your help. We will have Monthly and Quarterly Contest with Annual Events that will have a variety of exciting challenges and chances to win exclusive prizes.