Cookie Monster’s crumbs of wisdom: ‘Me always make time to follow me passion’

Like another classic figure in history whose name begins with C: He came, he saw, he conquered. Cookie Monster, at The Washington Post.

Then again, there were no signs of resistance.

The beloved blue Sesame Street character has a new book, you see, called “The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life” (Sesame Street Imprint, $16). It is postcard-size, thick as a flat-iron steak and chock full of aphorisms put through the spin cycle of monster-speak. Me Eat Cookie, Therefore, Me Am. Before any serious publicity tour got underway, he paid us a visit.

By non-monster standards he is 49, having evolved, initially unnamed, from an early cast of characters created by the late Muppets founder Jim Henson. To most of us, though, he is ageless, with a sensibility rooted in gentle humor and innocence. His message of joy through cookies has been amended in recent years to a state of gustatory correctness. Of course, he recommends a balanced diet. Sure, he eats veg-e-ta-bles. This makes us a little sad, but only until we review the selfies we took with him that day at the office.

In the book itself, he is thoughtful in a way that will circle back to cookies — or any food that can be gobbled with furry hands, just as he is in his “life coach” sessions on YouTube. “Joy” has a first printing of 100,000, which is a monster number by any standards and especially for a first-time author who rarely uses articles such as “the.”

You’ll find three recipes tucked in among the monster’s Cookie Truths and Cookie Crumbs of Wisdom. Composed with varying degrees of finesse — as in, the yield is missing from two out of the three, and is that coconut oil solid or liquefied? — the guidance is just about as breezy as you’d expect.

The most promising and inclusive of the lot were his Every-Monster Cookies, which are vegan, nut-free and gluten-free. We are pretty sure you might not get the recipe to work exactly as written in the book, given the batches of cookie puddles and ersatz florentines we produced in testing. But we are also thinking Cookie Monster was not intimately involved in the making — only the eating.