Review Guidelines

You, the PoD user, create reviews of dishes you have eaten. You provide “Proof of Dining” by exhibiting your PoD Member Card in the photographs you take. These reviews are intended to aid other diners in making informed dining decisions. These reviews will also provide participating establishments with:

  • direct feedback from diners like you
  • where improvements or modifications could be made
  • insight into their successes or failures

To best serve both diners and restaurants, we ask that the review submitted be meaningful and constructive. Here are some tips that will help you to provide valuable content:

Accuracy: When writing a review, all information should always be factual. Your opinion is the basis of the review, but please try not to exaggerate, misrepresent or embellish your dining experience or include innuendo. You should only review the food you ate, not what someone else at your table is eating. Writing a review based on a sampling of someone else’s dish is not the type of review that belongs on PoD.

Authenticity: when it comes to food, most people like straightforward and direct opinions. Your review should reflect your level of experience or knowledge while focusing on the bottom line of whether the dish was good or not. Feel free to compare a dish you are reviewing with another dish that you have reviewed before.

Location: where you are, the ambience or atmosphere is not as important as how the food was. If you got stuck by the loud air conditioner, the swinging kitchen door or the tables are too close together, it is ok to mention this, but try not to let that reflect negatively in your review of the food itself. Remember, it’s all about the food.

Service: it’s not about the wait-staff, how long it took to get seated or served, it’s what they put in front of you to eat that is the subject of the review.

Appearance or Presentation: good food is not always beautiful. Although commenting on how something looks is ok, don’t let it carry over into the actual rating of a dish. Ratings should be based on how it tastes, not how it looks.

All reviews, whether positive or negative, will be published unless:

Does Not Meet Requirements: The review does not meet the established guidelines and/or violates the PoD Terms of Service.

Contains Offensive Content: Only appropriate content will be published on the Proof of Dining website. Obscene, distasteful, profane, insulting or malicious comments are considered inappropriate and will be removed.

Conflict of Interest: reviews are intended to be for PoD users and should be unbiased. Establishment owners, managers, employees, relatives thereof are not allowed to review dishes of their own establishment. Any accounts submitting reviews with malicious intent or personal motives are subject to termination.

Editorial Review: PoD reserves the right to determine if a particular review is compliant with the “Review Guidelines” and will, at its sole discretion, exercise the right to remove it.

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