Frequently Asked Questions

What is PoD

What is Proof of Dining?
Proof Of Dining is a new concept in online restaurant reviewing. Read more …


How do I Register?
Click on Create an Account and Sign Up Now, It’s FREE!
How much does it cost to Register?
It’s FREE to Register & Participate in Proof of Dining.
How does Proof of Dining Work?
Go to How-It-Works to learn the PoD system of Discover-Click-Review.
What information do I need to provide when I Register?
Your name, a working email address, a desired PoD Screenname and what you would consider to be your primary zip code.
Why do I have to Register with Proof of Dining?
To search for dishes and browse reviews on PoD, registration is not required. You will have access to view reviews in the system. However, if you wish to submit your own reviews, then registration is required because PoD is not an anonymous review site. We encourage honest and open discussions about good food and where it can be found. This can not happen if people are allowed to post whatever they want without any type of responsibility. Registration is also required in order to track PoD points and contest rankings.
Why do I need to create a Proof of Dining Screenname?
PoD uses a Screenname so that your real name and email address are not public. Your screenname is your PoD persona.


Can anyone write a Review?
Yes, however you must be a registered user. One restriction to this rule is that establishment owners and family should not be reviewing their own dishes.
What if I forget to take a photo of my food?
In order to submit a review you must include a photo with the Pod Emblem. This is the “Proof of Dining.” Please read the Review Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the criteria for submitting a review.
My review is not appearing online. Why?
Your review must be approved by Proof of Dining before it is posted. This can often take between 24 and 48 hours.
My review was not approved, why?
All reviews must follow the Proof of Dining Review Guidelines If a Review does not follow these guidelines, it will not be posted. Whenever possible, administrators will provide some sort of guidance to help you correct your review.
What should I write or include in my review?
Before beginning a Review you should read the Review Guidelines in order to better understand the criteria for writing a review.
How do I access a Review from a place I dined?
Log In to Proof of Dining, under “My Account” go to “My Reviews” where you will see a listing of your reviews.


Can I Search other areas besides the area I am in?
Yes. Use the Search feature to do a Search of any area you want to eat in.
The Search function does not seem to be working. Does the site require a special browser or plug-in?
No. Please report any non functioning features or broken links immediately to Contact.
What is a Region?
Regions are currently defined by a radius around a zip code. This allows for nearby establishments to be found even when they located in an adjacent zip code. In the future we will be implementing the concept of neighborhoods.


Can I change my Password?
Yes. You can change your Password when you Log In to Proof of Dining and select “Edit Profile” on your “My Home” page.
Can I change my Screenname?
No. You can not change your Screenname. However, if you wish to have your Screenname changed, you are free to use the Contact form and state your case.


Is my personal information safe and secure with Proof of Dining?
Yes. All your information is safely and securely stored on our state-of-the-art servers.
Is a secure web site?
Yes. employs and keeps up to date the latest security software and techniques to insure that our website and user information is kept private and secure.
What about my credit card information?
Proof of Dining does not store any credit card information.

Contests PoD Points

Can anyone enter a Contest?
Contests are only open to registered users of Proof of Dining.
If I win, how will I be informed?
You will be informed by email and a PoD Alert within 7 days of the Contest ending.
How do I access the Proof of Dining website to monitor my points and view the most up-to-date reviews of participating restaurants?
When you Log In to Proof of Dining you will land on your My Home page where you can easily access all this information, as well as all the other features Proof of Dining has to offer.
What are the advantages or benefits of Registering?
To better understand the advantages and benefits of being a registered user of Proof of Dining, go to Benefits.


How can I choose between receiving HTML or Text-only emails?
Because of the nature and content of Proof of Dining, email messages are sent in HTML form. We promise to keep the layout very basic and it should be readable by most smart phones.
How do I change my email subscription status?
You can always Log In and verify your email preferences on your “My Home” page. From here you will be able to decide which types of emails you wish to receive. Keep in mind that some system messages are mandatory.
How do I ensure delivery of Proof of Dining emails?
By providing Proof of Dining with a current and correct email address. You can also add “” to your email whitelist.
How do I know if I've opted in to receive emails?
You can always Log In and verify your email preferences on in your “My Home” page. From here you will be able to decide which types of emails you wish to receive. Keep in mind that some system messages are mandatory.
I opted-out from receiving promotional emails, why am I still receiving them?
It can take up to 1-2 days for emails to stop. If you are still receiving emails after that period of time has passed, please Contact Proof of Dining and let us know.
No one responded to my email?
That is unusual. Please try to Contact us again and we will respond as soon as possible.
What happens if I mark or report a Proof of Dining email as SPAM?
If you mark email from Proof of Dining as SPAM, you will run the risk of not receiving important and/or promotional messages from us. We ask that you change your email preferences on your My Home page instead of marking emails as SPAM.
What happens if my email address becomes undeliverable?
Log In to Proof of Dining, go to your My Home page and update your email address. You will be asked to verify your new email address.
What type of emails will I be receiving and how often will they come?
To review your email preferences Log In to your account and go to your “My Home” page. All email options and their frequency are listed there.
Will I still receive emails if I opt-out?
No, but it may take 1-2 days before emails stop.

General Questions

Do I need to let the restaurant know I'm a Proof of Dining User?
No. You are not required to inform a restaurant that you are a Proof of Dining member or user. If you want to let them know, it’s better that you don’t let them know until after your meal is complete.
How does a Restaurant become Featured?
Proof of Dining staff choose a Featured Restaurant based on criteria that includes but is not limited to: The number of forks an establishment has received; the total number of forks received for dishes at an establishment; special promotions (i.e. featured genre, featured dishes, etc); and featured regions.
How does a Review become Featured?
Proof of Dining staff chooses a Featured Review based on criteria that includes but is not limited to: The number of forks a review has received; special promotions (i.e. featured genre, featured dishes, etc); and featured reviewers.

Last but not Least

I have a question about Proof of Dining not answered here: What should I do?
Contact Proof of Dining by Clicking on one of the Contact links.