Proof of Dining iOS V 1.5 has been released and is now available in the iTunes Store

It's all about the food!

It been a long month here at Proof of Dining, but we managed to root out all the bugs and connectivity issues we were having and voila, Version 1.5 is now in your hands.

Users now have the ability to not only submit photos of establishments, but add establishments to our system. We hope this will help keep our system as up to date as possible, given the number of establishments that open (and close) every month.

In addition to the improvements and added features in this version, we have begun our initial marketing launch. In select areas we will be distributing information directly to establishments and offering ALL establishment services and features for FREE during our BETA launch. Anyone interested in having their area participate in one of our launch events should go to the PoD ACE page and sign up.

What's New in Version 1.5

Improved invitations and search.

In case you missed the improvements from our last update, Version 1.4

Choose restaurants not already known to us

Safer photograph submission

Performance improvements

As always, we will continue to have regular updates following this latest release as fast as our programmers fingers can fing.

Users want to know if we are working on an Android version and the answer is yes.

We look forward to your Feedback on this release or anything else you may wish to Comment on.

Ciao for now!

About Proof of Dining

The next generation of food review apps is now here. Proof of Dining (PoD) is a unique review app that focuses on the food itself rather than the establishment. This perspective gives users of the app a better way to search for the types of food they really want to eat vs. simply being directed to the nearest "Sushi" place.

Our unique rating system makes it easier to really compare dishes together. In other systems, reviewers choose a number between 1 and 4 or 5 to represent how they felt about a dish/establishment combination. PoD, instead, uses 5 distinct questions to categorize the experience in a more unified manner.

Wouldn't it be nice to know which dishes people though were worth the price they paid? Wouldn't it be nice to know how often a dish didn't get served the way you thought it should have been served? How would you know which dishes were the REAL favorite dishes? These are the types of questions that PoD tries to answer for you.

Features include:

* Saving Drafts

* Rotating Images

* Social Media Sharing

* Local Coupons

* Currently over 300k Establishments in database

* Currently over 12k pre-filled in dish names

* Intelligent Genre Categories