John Oliver wants to directly appeal to Trump on health care. So he’s buying airtime on Fox News.

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” has taken some unusual steps to drive home the point of its segments, like the time it established an actual church to draw attention to the tax-free status of prosperity-gospel churches.

Now the show is getting in the habit of buying advertising time during “Fox & Friends.” Why? They want to make direct appeals to Trump, and as evidenced by his tweeting habits, the president is a loyal viewer.

John Oliver unveiled another “Catheter Cowboy” spot Sunday, which will air Wednesday during “Fox & Friends” in the Washington market. This time, Oliver wants to make a direct appeal to the president about the Republican health-care proposal, which he called “the legislative equivalent of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Curse of Johnny Depp Getting Divorced and Needing the Money.’”

The show pulled the same move last month with a focus on the nuclear triad. Both ads are spoofs of Medical Direct Club’s “Catheter Cowboy” commercials.