PoD Rating System

What does it mean when you see a restaurant with a rating of 3? 4, or 4.5? What is that number actually based upon? In most cases, it is a subjective number that is made up by a reviewer either at the start or end of a review submission process. In order to give that number any context, you have to read the actual review and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to see why the reviewer rated the restaurant with the displayed rating.

Proof of Dining is different. We wanted to make every point count and have meaning. This makes the ratings not only meaningful for other users, but it makes it clear to the restaurants where improvement can be made.

Here is a break-down of each of the 5 simple questions that we as of our reviewers:

Did you like this dish?

It's a simple question. If you liked your dish, you unlock the 4 other questions. If you didn't like the dish, why move on, you wouldn't recommend something you didn't like. It's a 0. The idea really is here that even if you were given the same dish for free, you still wouldn't like it.

Would you recommend this to a friend?

Ok, so you liked it, but did you like it enough to recommend it to someone else? Don’t think about that one friend who doesn’t like spicy food or the ones who don’t like oysters and all those people who still would have preferred their Sushi cooked. Think about your friends who do eat what you do and all the people using PoD who do need to know if you think it’s good enough for them too!

Was this dish worth the price you paid?

Typically we will refer to this as the "Morton's Steakhouse" question. Whether it’s a a $2 Taco or a $10 Taco, $5 Burger or a $25 Burger, a $15 Steak or a $75 Steak, was it worth the price you paid? You might want to ask yourself, would you pay that price for that dish again. That appetizer was $14, a similar entree somewhere else might be $8, but this dish merits the addition expense.

Were you satisfied with the way the dish was served?

This is your opportunity to let the establishment know that something about the dish wasn't quite right or wasn't as you had expected it to be. If it matched your expectations of what you were going to get based on the menu, then this would be a yes. Anything else would be a no. It could be as simple as your burger being well done vs. medium rare; or that you asked for no onions but you still got them. We ask that if you mark "no" on this question that you explain why in the text portion of the review.

Is this dish one of your favorites?

Everyone has their favorite restaurant that they go to every month (sometimes multiple times a month). When you go to this restaurant, is this your go-to dish, the dish you had in mind when you decided you were going there or maybe one of two or three dishes you struggle with choosing every time you go. These are what we consider to be your Favorites.