Fried Oysters

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House salad, (not pictured), 7 large succulent oysters and corn on the cob. Dinner at the beach, does it get any better. As soon as I took a bite of the first oyster I knew I was going to really enjoy this meal. I immediately noticed something a little different about the coating or batter used to dip the oysters in before deep frying. When I was leaving I asked the owner about the secret of the batter and I was right. It was a mix of flour with just the right amount of corn meal, but not too much to make the texture gritty or a give it corny flavor interfering with the oyster's bouquet. Also, I did mention to the owner that they really need to come up with a signature tarter sauce, because serving oysters this good with a packaged Kraft tarter sauce was a disservice to the oysters who had sacrificed themselves for my dining pleasure.
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