The $20 Diner’s favorite cheap eats of 2016

Is it just me, or did 2016 feel like we went 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather Jr. — and the champ propped us up for the last six just to see how much punishment we could take?

The presidential campaign — in which vicious insults substituted for policy — was bad enough. But then there were the wars, the police shootings (and the shooting of police in return), the suicide bombings, the Aleppo orphans, the hate crimes, the videos of casual racism, a seemingly bottomless spiral of public madness.

And if that wasn’t enough to crush your soul, the gods decided to take Prince, too.

I did a lot of stress eating this year. I was grateful to do so in Washington, where our neighborhoods continue to reveal the riches that immigrants bring to America. These were my favorite haunts in 2016, in reverse order.

10. Shanghai Taste (1121 Nelson St., Rockville. 301-279-0806). Everyone, it seems, migrates to this Rockville outpost for the little bundles of joy known as soup dumplings, especially the pan-fried ones available Saturday and Sunday only. But chef and co-owner Wei Sun can impress with other dishes, too, including her garlic-sauce noodle soup; her shumai stuffed with sticky rice, mushrooms and pork; and her “salty crispy fish,” which I like to think of as the french fries of the sea.